For Renters

Free Apartment Finding Service

Finding an apartment is stressful. With our Free Apartment Finding Service, we handle that stress for you.

Our team of rental experts will find you the perfect apartment, taking the process of researching, calling for vacancies, and setting appointments off your shoulders.

And best of all – it’s completely free.  

  • Neighborhood Consultation: Our rental experts consult with you on your needs and help you narrow down the right area to live in.
  • Apartment Research: We’ll narrow down the choices to the ones fitting your criteria, then call them to get current vacancy info.
  • Customized List: You’ll get a personalized list of apartments fitting your needs, with photos, floorplans and more.
  • Property Tours: When you’re ready to go visit the apartments, we’ll even call your selections and set up your appointments for you.   

Ready to go? Click on the button below to sign up and we’ll contact you shortly!

*Please note: this service is for apartments only, and does not cover condos, townhomes or single family homes. 


If you’re relocating to Seattle this is the service to use. They have outstanding service and the apartments come served in an easy to use and navigate UI. It took less than 24 hours to get the 15 rentals that matched my criteria and 2 days later I signed a lease. Easiest process of finding an apartment in my life. No looking, no craigslist, no Zillow, no nothing — just fill out a form, they call you, 24 hours later you get listings, you call the apartment, setup a viewing and that’s it.

~ Thomas H.

Rental Finding & Area Tours

Area Tours and Rental Finding Services for Seattle and the Eastside

Our mission is to make your search for a new home as hassle-free and enjoyable as possible. For nearly 20 years, we’ve been offering award-winning rental finding services for the Seattle area. Whether you’re new to the area, or have lived here for years and just don’t have time to deal with the search, our local experts can help.  Choose from one of the services below – or call us at 206-315-4628 if you need help deciding.

Area Orientation Tour

Ideal for:

  • Newcomers who need help deciding which neighborhood to live in
  • Families trying to narrow down a school district
  • People who want to find out where all the amenities are in the area they’re moving into

Our comprehensive, guided orientation tours are designed to bring you up to speed with our area quickly by giving you an insider’s view.

With this tailored driving tour, we consult with you on your needs to help determine which areas of town might be good possibilities for you. You’re then picked up by an experienced guide and driven around the area while being educated on neighborhoods, pricing, commute times, public transportation, local entertainment, safety concerns, schools, grocery stores and other factors that are vital in making a housing decision.


  • Two hour tour: $250

Rental Finding Tour

Ideal for:

  • Newcomers who want to make sure they rent from a reputable place
  • People who feel overwhelmed by the process of finding a new apartment
  • Anyone who is short on time and wants to wrap things up efficiently

With our rental finding tour service we consult with you on your specific needs, then thoroughly research rental properties from all available resources and send you a comprehensive, personalized list of the results. Your professional and knowledgeable guide will then pick you up and escort you to as many apartments as possible during the allotted time.

During this tour most of our clients are able to make a rental decision – but if for some reason you don’t, our staff will continue to provide you with more prospective choices via email until you have made a decision. (Please note: the service provides for one driving tour only.)


  • Three hour tour: $350
  • Five hour tour: $550

Virtual Rental Tour Services

Ideal for:

  • People relocating to our area who can’t make an apartment-hunting trip before their move-in date
  • Couples whose schedules don’t match up to take a apartment finding tour together
  • Anyone who doesn’t have time to take a apartment finding tour

Our virtual rental tours allow you to rent site-unseen safely and confidently. We thoroughly research apartments for you from all the resources out there, narrowing it down to the options that fit all your needs. When you’ve selected your top choices, we arrange to visit those properties ourselves on your behalf, doing a video or live stream walkthrough and documenting as much as we can about the apartments and surrounding areas for you. When you’ve decided, we’ll help you secure a lease.


  • Virtual Tour: $400


Ideal for:

  • People with limited time who want to maximize their apartment finding trip
  • Locals who want help finding an apartment but don’t need someone to escort them
  • Newcomers who need someone to do the leg work for them

With our apartment listings service, we’ll consult with you on your specific needs, then thoroughly research apartments from all available resources and send you a comprehensive, personalized list of the results. Once you’ve selected your favorites, let us know what windows of time you have to visit the properties and your specialist will call and set appointments for you during those times.


  • Apartment Listings Service: $300

My wife and I are moving to Seattle and because of professional obligations we were unable to make the trip to review available rental properties. We knew that we needed someone with local knowledge and good taste in order for us to find the type of property we wanted, in the neighborhood we desired, and for a price that fit our budget. What we got was a professional who has EXPERT local knowledge, IMPECCABLE taste, and the relationship status with property management companies to deliver on our first choice in one of the most desirable neighborhoods!

~ Fox L.