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Please note that any and all contractors listed in our Vendor Directory are provided as an added convenience to our clients. Pointe3 Real Estate & Seattle Rental Group are in no way affiliated with, compensated by, or share any ownership interest with any contractors on this list.

Pointe3 Real Estate & Seattle Rental Group encourage all clients to conduct independent research to determine suitability of the services and quality of workmanship for their needs. Furthermore, Pointe3 Real Estate & Seattle Rental Group shall be held harmless from and against any and all claims, demands, causes of action, damages, liability, losses and expenses arising from work and/or services performed by any of the contractors listed in the Vendor Directory. Any and all fees associated with the work and/or services performed shall be paid directly to the respective contractor.

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Our Vendor Directory is password protected.
Please contact your Leasing Specialist or call our office at 206-315-4628 if you do not have the password.